Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We are off to a great start for 2010

went back to work yesterday and had a blast, I really started to miss it. I was off for two and half weeks, only due to me getting an upper respitory infection the week before my vacation was supposed to start. the doctor sent me home on Wednesday telling me I was contagious, little did he know I was going to be off for the next two weeks. but it was great and relaxing, had a great time off with my family, go to see my grandaughter a lot. Harper is just too precious.



  1. Harper loves seeing her Abuelita! I'm excited about our possible trip in June, yay!

  2. Hi, I'm flying out on Friday to go look for my dress in Prince George.

    I'm not sure about the size, since every designer is different. Probably anywhere from an 8-10

  3. Thanks, I'm so excited. I could have lived in that dress