Sunday, December 27, 2009

What a beatiful White Christmas we had

Ok, so it was Christmas Eve and it called for snow flurries. Well we got snow flurries all right, we went to visit family at lunch time and got home around 3:00 pm, we went to Mass at 3:30 with it still snowing but not too bad. We got out of mass and it was like a blizzard, well in Texas it seemed like it. It was so beautiful outside, everything covered in snow. We were going to stop and get Chinese take out but decided the roads were just too bad to drive on, they were starting to freeze. so we went home and aloud the kids to open some of their presents. I opened a wonderful gift from my dad and Sally it was a hot dog toaster, it was so neat. So that is what we ended up making for dinner LOL.

It was so nice for the kids to wake up Christmas morning to a beautiful white covered yard. It was their first white Christmas, it is very rare in these parts. Normally we get our snow in February or March.

Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas.

Happy Birthday JESUS!!!! We love you so much!!!!!

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